Vision of Values

It shall be the policy of The Dream Team: Family Supports, L.L.C. Programs to be governed by the following Vision of Values:
  • Direct support professionals, contractors, employees or agents will possess an in-depth knowledge of people, perspectives and reactions.
  • Person-centered Planning services will be provided to achieve community presence, community participation and relationship building that will foster individual choice, respect and competence.
  • Respect and acceptance of individual differences and differences in family dynamics and composition.
  • Cultural background is acknowledged and valued in all decisions.
  • Services will be delivered as defined by the individual’s or chosen representative’s wishes/desires.
  • Provide service choices that are dependable and flexible.
  • Services will address immediate needs, future dreams and be able to accommodate the occurrence of life changes, new opportunities or obstacles.
  • A lifestyle that is composed of the same factors and relationships that is important to all individuals regardless of circumstance.
  • The individual’s basic needs are met and he/she have the same opportunities as anyone else to pursue and achieve goals in the major life settings of home, community, school and work.
  • The individual is empowered and participates in decisions that affect their lives.
  • The individual enjoys acceptance and full integration into their local community.
  • Flexibility and the ability to creatively handle obstacles or interruptions is an important component of a successful lifestyle plan.