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Vickie Raichel: Executive Directorvickie

Vickie Raichel, Executive Director of The Dream Team: Family Supports, L.L.C. holds a B.A. in Sociology and Intercultural Studies graduating from Hanover College, Hanover, Indiana. She has been a case manager/care coordinator in social services (primarily working with those who are diagnosed with Intellectual Disabilities) for the past 30 years. Vickie has several years experience working in Waiver Case Management and has extensive knowledge and expertise in the Indiana Medicaid Waiver field. She successfully directed her own company providing waiver case management for several years (through the 2006 changes). Vickie is well-known and respected in the field and has several years of experience marketing to the targeted population through various state agencies and other providers who serve the valued person. Vickie has excellent social skills and is known for providing high quality case management. She thrives in meeting facilitation, referral services, consultation services, and assisting the families through conflict resolution. Throughout the past few years, there has been many noted changes relating to waiver case management and the relationships between the case manager and other waiver service providers. The communication among providers appears to have gapped. This makes it more difficult for service providers to provide quality and individualized services to the valued consumers and negates the concept of the “Team Approach”. The role of the case manager has changed to a less “hands on” approach to more of coordination of waiver benefits. Vickie enjoys the “hands on” approach to working with people  and feels this is the way waiver supports were meant to be carried out.    This drove her decision to envision and work  to open The Dream Team: Family Supports, L.L.C. One major goal of the company is providing waiver supports while working closely with the case managers and other team members which will assist with rebuilding those bridges between all services providers promoting the true team approach. The concept of a former case manager managing a residential company may serve to benefit the consumer in many ways; Primarily through promoting the “true team approach” which has been identified at the state level for being the most successful approach in providing waiver services and supports. The company will provide a “hands-on, family oriented, and team-driven” approach with a passion of assisting people to excel beyond expectations others may have placed on their abilities.